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Customer Engagement

At AKELO, we are fuelled by a vision to lead the way in fintech and customer engagement across emerging markets.

How It All Started

Our journey began over 15 years ago, fuelled by a deep understanding of the transformative power of connecting consumers, merchants, banks, and brands to drive financial inclusion and deep customer engagement.

Drawing from global research conducted by institutions such as MasterCard, Visa, The World Bank, commercial banks, and mobile network operators, we recognised that the key to unlocking revenue and impact lies in bridging the gap between underserved consumers and merchants and maximising value for all participants in the value chain.

In response to these trends and our own extensive experience, we consolidated our recently acquired strategic fintech and customer engagement entities. This consolidation not only enables us to financially include the underserved but also empowers us to drive maximum value for our clients and their customers.

With a rich history of serving retailers, banks, brands, and consumers with a wide range of technologies - from payment products and services to data analytics down to individual basket item data - AKELO is poised for significant growth.


Our Vision

Our purpose is clear: to make a real impact in the day-to-day lives of millions of people and merchants by simplifying access to products, services, and technologies in emerging markets.


Our Purpose

We are uniquely positioned to harness the power of millions of consumers, providing our clients with insights previously inaccessible due to fragmentation in emerging markets.


Our Unique Position

Leveraging unique technologies and embedded IP, our platforms provide bespoke products and services, securing the last mile of each channel to generate sustainable revenue streams from multiple products. This creates a dynamic marketplace for embedded financial services, engagement, and payment solutions, connecting brands with underserved consumers across Africa.


Bespoke Products and Services

At AKELO Group, we are not just shaping the future of fintech and customer engagement; we are transforming lives and economies one connection at a time. Join us on this journey of growth, innovation, and impact.


Transforming Lives and Economies

Our Executive Team

Andrew Weinberg

Group CEO

Wayne Levitas

Group Chief Financial Officer

Carey Askeland

Head of Crossgate Retail 

Andrew Marsh

Managing Director Efficacy Payments

Carole Brits

Head of Crossgate Banking

Tom Newton-King

Head of Retail Engage

Lise Mellet

Head of Data & Technology

Our Board Members

Andrew Weinberg

Group CEO

Muzaffar Khokhar 

Group Chairman

Anton Gaylard

Non-Executive Director

Charmaine Padayachy

Non-Executive Director

Naomi Nethengwe

Non-Executive Director

David de Coning

Co-founder Crossgate Group  & Non-Executive Director

Rikus Visser

Non-Executive Director

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