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Attract and retain customers through proactive engagement and rewards.

Attract and retain customers through proactive engagement and rewards.

We empower businesses to effortlessly deliver incentives and rewards to diverse customer groups across multiple regions, with configurable rules and flexible integration options while safeguarding customer data.

  • Create a client value proposition across different territories

  • Incentivise new customer sign up 

  • Incentivise customers to activate accounts

  • Incentivise customers to fund their account

  • Incentivise customers to transact each month.

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Enhance customer engagement and retention

  • Improve customer experience

  • Differentiate your insurance products and services from the competition.

  • Strengthen digital capabilities, drive customer accessibility

  • Driving revenue growth.

FMCG Customer Rewards 
  • bonsella® is South Africa's leading digital loyalty platform, connecting brands and retailers with the economically active lower LSM mass market

  • Boost customer loyalty and drive sales

  • Gain deep consumer insights through bonsella's® targeted communications, advanced analytics, and unique airtime rewards

  • Gain deep consumer insights, foster brand engagement and secure a sustainable ROI.

Debt Collection
  • Increase monthly debtor collections

  • Incentivise conversions

  • Reduce overhead costs

  • Deliver tangible value to debtors

  • Data-driven insights

  • Improved customer experience.

Loyalty & Rewards

Rewards & Loyalty Solutions
  • Pay-on-time incentives

  • Behavior-based and tiered rewards

  • Instant Airtime Rewards

  • Retail discounts & coupons

  • Travel & lifestyle benefits

  • Discount partner sourcing

  • Assistance services management

  • Digital coupons (Tuyu)

  • Personalised Rewards card production (Crossgate)

Payment Solutions
  • POS payments

  • Backend payments (Efficacy Payments)

  • Push Payments – disbursements

  • Designation license

  • Rewards wallets

  • Payment instruments.

Customer Product Solutions
Marketing Services
  • CRM strategy development

  • Reward Program design & implementation

  • Benefit sourcing & negotiation

  • Communications & campaign management

  • Program monitoring & management

  • Research.

Solutions & Services

DIFFERENTIATE your customer acquisition strategy through bespoke customer incentives and new alternative channels to market.

CONNECT with your customers in real time through a single digital CRM platform and tap into direct marketing channel opportunities.

REWARD your customers with tailored, instant incentives for desirable behaviour and continued engagement and retention.

Comprehensive solutions that drive customer engagement, enhance loyalty, and streamline payment processes for businesses across various sectors.

From crafting tailored rewards and loyalty programs to providing seamless payment solutions and innovative marketing services, we empower our clients to connect with their customers effectively and drive sustainable growth.

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