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Our Solutions

Unlock growth opportunities with AKELO's comprehensive suite of business solutions. Positioned to provide new channels to market, AKELO enhances cost efficiencies and market penetration for your business, ensuring optimal growth and success.

The world of payments is evolving at an unprecedented rate. We partner with you on the journey to reinvent your card program seamlessly to a mobile payment solution – and beyond. We have wide range of technologies available, wrapped in a mobile wallet framework that is highly scalable and cost effective.

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments
Card Solutions

From high volume retail Gift, Loyalty, Private Label Account cards to highly secure and complex Banking EMV products – we have solutions and production capacity that can meet any card program’s needs: From basic magstripe cards to entry-level chip card products, through to complex dual interface & contactless solutions. We provide end-to-end card solutions that include program design, production, data preparation and enrichment, highly secure personalisation, packaging & fulfillment and secure distribution direct to branch.

Card Solutions

At Retail Engage, we specialise in bridging the gap between brands and the 'Main Market' consumer segment in South Africa. As the largest aggregator of the independent market sector in the country, we offer both digital and physical engagement opportunities to brands targeting peri-urban and rural areas, where traditional outreach methods often fall short.

Bridging the Gap Between Brands and the 'Main Market' Consumers

Bridging the Gap Between Brands and the 'Main Market' Consumers
Data Insights

Retail Engage offers comprehensive data solutions tailored for traditional trade environments. Our platform bridges the gap between brands, merchants and consumers enabling brands to understand the traditional market and make informed decisions.

Data Solutions Driving Traditional Trade Expansion

50 independent retailers with 2,108,805+ registered members.

Our Partners

Drive Sales, Gain Consumer Insights, Foster Brand Engagement and Deliver Sustainable and Measurable ROI
Transaction Processing
Traditional Trade Opportunities

We offer a transformative solution that unlocks the hidden potential of South Africa's informal economy, empowering traders and transforming FMCG marketing. Our solution, "Digitising the Commerce Chain," revolutionises the way traders operate and interact with the market, enabling traders to increase category share, communicate directly with customers, reward loyalty, gain detailed market insights, and achieve measurable ROI.

Traditional Trade Opportunities

At 2Engage, we offer bespoke loyalty and customer engagement solutions tailored to your specific sector. Our solutions are designed to attract, retain, and engage customers through proactive engagement and rewards, leveraging behavioural insights, data analytics, and personalised experiences to drive measurable ROI for our clients.

Customer Loyalty and Rewards

Customer Rewards & Loyalty
Transaction Processing

We provide an advanced end-to-end solution on a service basis to create the core issuing, card management and transaction processing backbone for your program - private label or interoperable, card or mobile based. We develop and build, implement and support, allowing you to focus on creating a strong value proposition for your customers while we worry about making things work.

Transaction Processing


  • Client Customers · Staff · Retail

  • Pay-on-time incentives

  • Behaviour-based and tiered rewards

  • Instant Airtime Rewards

  • Retail discounts & coupons

  • Travel & lifestyle benefits

  • Discount partner sourcing

  • Assistance services management

  • Digital coupons (Tuyu)

  • Personalised Rewards card production (Crossgate)


  • Solution delivery through Efficacy Payments

  • POS payments

  • Backend payments

  • Push Payments – disbursements

  • Designation license

  • Rewards wallets

  • Payment instruments​

Loyalty & Rewards

bonsella® Rewards Program
Africa Experience

250+ Rewards Partners

2,000+ Redemption Outlets

10+ African Countries

5.5M+ Rewarded Customers

Our Africa Experience


  • MVNO · Insurance


  • Rewards · Customer engagement

  • CRM strategy development

  • Reward Program design & implementation

  • Benefit sourcing & negotiation

  • Communications & campaign management

  • Program monitoring & management

  • Research

bonsella® Mobile offers you the best value and amazing benefits when you switch to a bonsella® Mobile SIM card and choose a prepaid bundle or monthly prepaid package to suit your budget.


bonsella® Mobile is brought to you by bonsella®, the retail rewards programme you already know and love. Now your favourite retail rewards and customer loyalty programme brings you the best pre-paid and mobile bundle packages.

Double Rewards - Increased Loyalty

Double Rewards - Increased Loyalty
bonsella® Partners

South Africa's premier digital platform for brands and retailers seeking to enhance customer loyalty in the main market. As a coalition multi-retail store rewards program, bonsella offers brands direct access to the economically active lower LSM mass market. 

With bonsella, participating retailers and brands can engage directly with millions of economically active shoppers through targeted communications. Our cutting-edge backend technology provides comprehensive basket analytics and customer purchase insights, enabling brands to shape consumer shopping patterns and preferences. Plus, our unique reward system offers individual bonsella members airtime rewards, incentivizing repeat business and loyalty.

Drive Sales, Gain Consumer Insights, Foster Brand Engagement and Deliver Sustainable and Measurable ROI

Efficacy Payments is a comprehensive payment solution offering various services such as consulting, acquiring, deposit @ till, and disbursements, aimed at modernising and streamlining payment processes.It resolves the challenges associated with traditional cash transactions by providing innovative payment solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers.


By offering a range of services spanning from card acceptance to disbursements, Efficacy Payments caters to the diverse needs of its target audience, ensuring convenience and efficiency in financial transactions.

Taking Payments into the Future, Displacing Cash

Taking Payments into the Future, Displacing Cash
Rewarding Loyalty

Choose the bonsella® Elect to support your family in your time of need. Our bonsella® Elect cover offers you a variety of options to choose from to suit your budget and needs while rewarding your loyalty to the bonsella® family.

Rewarding Loyalty

BXchange provides SMMEs/large organisations with mobile wallet solutions which enables them to monetise and leverage off of their existing companies database, with the core focus and strategic target of creating sustainable and annuity income for their business. Our mobile wallet solutions are packaged in two different ways, which come in the form of PAAS and SAAS (Platform As A Service and Software As A Service).

Mobile Wallet Solutions

Mobile Wallet Solutions
Mobile Rewards Made Easy

TuYu is a cutting-edge mobile rewards platform designed to simplify and enhance the way companies reward and incentivise their staff and customers. This innovative solution allows users to receive and redeem rewards effortlessly using their mobile phones, promoting convenience, speed, and security.

Mobile Rewards Made Easy

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