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Cash Displacement
Taking payments into the future, displacing cash.

Taking payments into the future, displacing cash.

We support multiple products suitable to a variety of industries.


  • Accept cards as payment in person

  • eCommerce Store (NIKA)

  • Provide aggregated card services 

  • Act as a card acceptance distributor

Deposit @ Till

  • Accept cash deposits on behalf of local banks


  • Make adhoc payments to cards

  • Make bulk regular payments

  • Make bulk adhoc payments

  • Enable clients to disburse payments (P2P)

Our clients range across industries and want to enhance their value and convenience propositions to their customers.

Our mission is clear: to harness digital advancements and innovative solutions for the betterment of businesses and the communities they serve.

Our approach centres on the adoption of industry best practices and purpose-driven tools. Recognizing the imperative of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving sector, we continuously adapt and optimize, integrating cutting-edge technologies to deliver maximum value.


Collaboration is key, and we enthusiastically engage with partners to achieve shared objectives. Understanding our clients' needs is paramount. We are attuned to their desire to enhance value propositions and elevate customer convenience. By aligning our strategies with their goals, we not only meet but exceed expectations, fostering mutual growth and success.

What sets us apart is our team — a meticulously assembled group driven by passion, expertise, and an unwavering sense of accountability. We believe in cultivating a culture of excellence and individual ownership, ensuring that each member contributes to our collective success in serving clients and partners.


At Efficacy Payments, we transcend the role of mere payment solution providers. We are agents of positive change, empowering businesses and communities through innovation, collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Join us on this transformative journey.

In the dynamic realm of payments, where democratisation, digitisation, and innovation shape the landscape, Efficacy Payments emerges as a dedicated participant in this transformative journey.

Accept bank issued cards securely through physical and digital channels.


Process card transactions on behalf of merchants by signing up and certifying with us.

ISO Distribution

Apply to act as a sales distribution network.


Accept cash deposits to bank cards on behalf of local banks

Deposit @ Till enables banking customers to more easily deposit cash value into their card-linked accounts by expanding deposit facilities to the retail point-of-sale. Banks have an extended branch deposit network whilst retailers have additional feet in store and can sell cash back into the money eco system.

Deposit @ Till


Efficacy Payments leverages a robust partner ecosystem to enable affordable and near real-time disbursements to card-linked accounts. Insurance providers, payment gateways, banks, and other entities can access our established network to enhance customer offerings. Payments, facilitated in bulk or individually, provide added value to payment gateways by expediting the payout process.

Enablement for merchants

Sign up for Disbursements through our accredited payment gateway partners. Your business will undergo vetting by Mastercard, Visa, and relevant banking institutions to ensure suitability. Upon successful vetting, you'll receive a merchant account. We'll support testing to ensure a smooth go-live process.

Become an accredited disbursement partner

As a disbursement partner, you'll register as a TPPP and meet all regulatory requirements, including PCI/DSS. Integration with our open payments API empowers merchants to disburse payments via your platform, with testing supported in our sandbox environment. Commercial terms are finalized during the application phase.


Financial Services

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